Dispelling the Delusion of the Trinity
The Trinity vs. Facts
The Trinity vs. Facts

The Trinity vs. Facts

The Trinity vs. Facts

Some Undeniable Facts to Keep in Mind


  • The Triune God is never mentioned once in the entire Bible. It is absurd to believe this three-person-God exists but is never once mentioned in the Bible. God is the main character of the Bible and He is mentioned thousands upon thousands of times. Yet there is not a single reference to a Triune God anywhere in the entire Bible. For that reason, Trinitarians resort to the practice of shamelessly imagining their three-person-God into the text by an act of their own will wherever they think they can get away with it.

  • There is a missing controversy. It is ludicrous to suppose the first Christians (mostly Jews) believed in a three-person-God but no controversy erupted among the Jews concerning this belief. However, we don’t even find a hint of anyone at all debating a three-person-God. This shows the earliest Christians did not have such a belief.

  • The earliest Christian writers of the first two centuries never mention a three-person-God. In fact, one of them for example, Irenaeus about 180 AD, repeatedly insisted only the Father is the true God of Christians. His main argument against the Gnostics was the true identity of the one God. In his five volume work, he never once mentions a three-person-God. He obviously had never heard of such a thing. That these earliest Christians never refer to a three-person-God is very strong evidence that the concept was unheard of. It is preposterous to suppose that during New Testament times, people had come to the shocking realization that their monotheistic God was three persons all along but nobody really thought it was significant enough to talk about. If such a thing had occurred, it would have been front and center of every discussion. It didn’t happen. The only thing which did happen is that they believed Jesus was divinized/deified in his resurrection glorification and that is quite true.

  • The doctrine of the Trinity was created by men. It is a “conclusion” to a human reasoning process of a group of men developing through the late second to the fourth century. That is a historical fact which is there for all to see. During Christological debates of the first two centuries, nobody ever appealed to an apostolic teaching of the Trinity; rather men debated would they thought they should believe. This tells us that a three-person-God is not an apostolic teaching but a later product of of the minds of men and not the God of our Lord Jesus. When men come up with a God of their own making, as Aaron did in the golden calf account, this amounts to an idol crafted by men.

  • In the Scriptures, Peter tells us that it was the Father who promised to raise up the prophet, His servant-son Jesus (Acts 3:19-26). This promise is found at Deuteronomy 18:15-18 where we find the Father is the one who spoke out of the fire on the mountain to Israel when He gave them the Law and the Father promised to do this because the people were afraid they were going to die if God spoke to them directly. This alone proves Jesus is not God. But even further, these facts tell us it was the Father who spoke out of the fire on the mountain and Moses states the following about He who spoke out of the fire: “Has any people heard the voice of God speaking from the midst of the fire, as you have heard it, and survived? … the LORD, He is God; there is no other besides Him” (Deut 4:33-35). We are told it was the Father who spoke out of the fire, therefore it is obvious that Moses tells us there is no God but the Father. Again the Trinity is proven false. And again, Jesus and a Jewish scribe agreeably concur that Deuteronomy 4:35 indicates their God is one HE and there is no other but HIM. The evidence against the Trinity here is very decisive.

  • At 2 Samuel 7:11-14, God promises David that he will seat his descendant on his throne and says, “I will be a Father to him and he will be a Son to Me.” The Hebrews writer confirms this was fulfilled in Jesus (Heb 1:5) which tells us that God the Father made this promise to David. David responds to God who made this promise saying, “Yahweh God, there is none like You and no God besides You.” There is no God except the One that David is speaking to. The Bible tells us that David was a prophet who spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And we know he was speaking to the One who made this promise to him and we know it was the Father because we are told it is the Father. No other member of the Trinity could say “I will be a Father to him and he will be a Son to me.” Hence, the Scriptures here prove the Trinity is false since David under the inspiration of the Spirit said to the Father, “there is none like You and no God besides You.”

  • In the Bible we are told that God the Father caused Mary to conceive by the power of His Spirit. However, Trinity doctrine has one person conceiving Jesus (the 3rd person of the Trinity) but another person turns out to be Jesus’ father (the Father). That’s ridiculous. Whoever conceives/begets is the Father. But not in the whacky world of Trinitarianism. The same problem exists concerning born again believers. They are begotten of the Spirit (3rd person of the Trinity) yet the first person of the Trinity turns out to be their Father. Ludicrous.

  • In the doctrine of the Trinity, you cannot say the Lord Jesus is the Holy Spirit or the Trinity is destroyed (you would be saying the 2nd person is identical to the 3rd person). However, 2 Corinthians 3:17 states “the Lord is the Spirit” and the facts of the immediate context overwhelmingly shows Paul is saying the risen Jesus is the Holy Spirit. In fact, he states outright that he is preaching Jesus Christ as Lord (4:5) in a discussion concerning the new ministry of the Holy Spirit (3:1-18) proving that Paul’s words “the Lord is the Spirit” do mean “the Lord Jesus is the Spirit.” The Trinity directly contradicts this Scripture. And there are several other passages which indicate the risen Jesus is the Spirit.

  • In the doctrine of the Trinity, the divine nature is defined as having certain attributes or characteristics. If someone is not omniscient then they don’t have a divine nature because omniscience is one of the things that defines that someone does have a divine nature. And in Trinitarian doctrine, if you don’t have a divine nature you are not God because this is what defines you as God in this doctrine. Jesus tells us that neither he nor the Holy Spirit know the day and hour of his return since he emphatically affirmed that only the Father knows that day and hour (Matthew 24:36). Trinity doctrine directly contradicts this passage which again shows the Trinity is false.

  • Having been called “Good TEACHER,” Jesus denied he is God when he said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone” (Mark 10:18). Since there is only one God, Jesus was necessarily referring to his God. If Jesus was not referring to his God, what God was he referring to? There is only one God. The word “good” was an adjective for “teacher” in this account and that is what Jesus was responding to. Jesus tells us his teaching was not his but his God and Father’s teaching. See John 7:15-18; James 1:17 and John 3:27. That he was referring to his God is an inescapable fact. There is only one God and his God is that one God.

  • Jesus demonstrates to us that the Shema command (Deut 6:4) is referring to the Father alone since he only recognized the Father in order to observe this command. He agrees with a Jewish scribe that “the Lord is one” means there is not other but HE/HIM, that is, we are informed that the word “one” means one HE (Mark 12:28-34) contrary to Trinitarian claims that it means one divine nature/ousia (that is the only way the three persons are one in their docrtrine). Jesus also demonstrates the Father alone is the God of Israel since it says, “Hear O ISRAEL, the Lord OUR God, the Lord is one.” The God of all Israel is therefore identical to Jesus Christ’s God, the Father alone. Jesus along with every other Israelite was required to obey this command. We know he did it correctly and he did it by recognizing only his Father as the God of Israel. These facts tell us beyond any doubt that the one God of the Shema is the Father alone. Otherwise, Jesus knowingly did not obey this command correctly.

  • Since there is only one God, the only God is necessarily Jesus Christ’s God and no other. Trinitarian doctrine acknowledges that his God is not a three-person-being and only the Father is his God (not the 3rd person of the Trinity either). ? If the one God of the Scriptures is not his God, then what God is? The Scriptures tell us there is none besides his God. Hence, only his God is the true God which again demonstrates the Trinity is false.

  • Jesus Christ’s God stated Himself that He alone is God and nobody else. The Scriptures tell us specifically it was the Father who said that He alone is God and no one else. In fact, Jesus himself tells us specifically that it was the Father who declared He is God and there is no one else. By His own statements, and the confirming testimony of Jesus, God the Father ruled out the Trinity. If you won’t believe God the Father who will you believe? If God the Father Himself declares that He alone is God and nobody but Him is God and it doesn’t convince you the Trinity is false, nothing will.

  • Another fact. Trinitarians typically don’t care about facts if the facts do not suit their doctrine of the Trinity. You can observe that one for yourself. And you will.

The Scriptural evidence that the one God is only the Father of Jesus is plentiful, overwhelming and decisive.

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